Cork Clipper Project Update

14 April, 2010

“She is standing by to be transformed into a rather stunning looking vessel and although a little heavier than the rest of the fleet, I think my team will be more than pleased,” said Hannah. “She is a great yacht and will no doubt do us proud and keep us safe. If yachts could talk I am pretty sure she could tell us all some amazing stories of journeys past. We have a lot of work on our hands but I can't wait to get stuck in. Having felt a little on the outskirts of the race so far, I now feel a real part of it, I have met half the Cork team and now my new boat. It’s all starting to become very real.”

In her latest update from Antigua, Cork skipper Hannah Jenner reports that good progress is being made with her racing yacht.

Aurora hoisted to become Cork Clipper

“As Aurora’s owner drove the boat into the slings I was very excited, as this really marked the start of her transformation from a Challenge 67 into Cork Clipper,” she says. “After carefully preparing the slings and adding a couple of extra to support her weight, the hoist growled into action and Aurora was raised from the water. After spending around 90 days at sea moving at the pace of the Atlantic rowing fleet - approximately 3 knots on a good day, Aurora had a few barnacles attached but was in surprisingly good condition.

“Her blue and white hull is now turning green and red thanks to the hard work of the branding boys who anticipated a hot day and began work at 0630. We are also going to get her anti-fouled but as it’s pouring with rain, that’s not going to happen today. This afternoon we will replace the propeller form a fixed blade which has a lot of drag to a much more racy folding number”.

Update: as of Thursday 15th April they are making great strides with Cork and the port hand side of the hull is almost complete with its striking and familiar colour scheme. A new propeller has been fitted along with new shaft and hull anodes and the re-launch of the yacht representing Failte Ireland, Cork City and the County of Cork is on schedule for the end of this week. Once on the water, there is plenty more work to do as all the specialist communication equipment is added and tested.

They are due to leave for Panama towards the end of this month.