11 April, 2011

The second series of races in the Kinsale Yacht Club Spring
Series, which was sponsored this week by ONE SAILS, got off to a very
slow start in unseasonably good April weather last Sunday. Bright blue
skies and sunshine greeted race officals and competitors alike, but
alas no wind...which is a prerequisite for yacht racing! The officers
of the day, Alan Crosbie and Neil Prendeville, had to postpone the
start for a couple of hours, whilst waiting for the breeze to fill in.
Finally at 13:30 both groups were rewarded for their patience as the 
wind appeared, and settled into a southerly breeze of 10 knots.

3 and 4 were on the windward-leewward course this week, being looked
after by Alan Crosbie. The start of race one had to be abandoned with a
minute to go, as the wind shifted slightly to the west. The weather mark
was shifted towards the Speckled Door pub on the Old Head ,with the leeward mark positioned near the Bulman Buoy. In near perfect conditions Powder
Monkey, owned by Liam Lynch, won race one in Class 3 IRC, followed by
 Eammon Rohan's Anchor Challange, with Shillelagh, John Twomey, in third.
The second race of the day saw the wind increase to
12-14 knots. Anchor Challange led this race from the off, until the 
final beat, where the crew got caught in reduced pressure. The hard chasing
 Shillelagh managed to avoid this, to close the gap, and win the
race. Anchor Challange was second, with Eddie Rice's Impala Impacunious
The overall standings after four races in IRC, see Shillelagh leading, with Anchor Challange in second and Powder Monkey third. Class 3 Echo sees Impacunious leading overall, followed by Powder Monkey and Stagefright in third.

Class 4 were also on the windward leeward course. Alan Mulcahy's 
Sundancer continued to show form, leading overall in IRC, with two firsts on the day. Shelly D owned by Mick Murphy, is in second place overall with two seconds this week, followe by La Maraquita belonging to Eddie Higgins and Kevin Morrisson, third in the overall standings. Class 4 ECHO, the results are turned on their head, with La Maraquita, having scored a third and a first last Sunday, leading overall followed by Shelly D, with Sundancer third on the overall leader board.

Neill Prenderville, the OD for Classes 0, 1 and 2, faced the same 
challanges for setting a course as Alan Crosbie. The course, when it 
was set, turned into a beautiful round the cans race, with the weather 
mark at Black Head, South Mark as a gybe mark and the pin end as a
leeward mark. Classes 0 and 1 started together in 12-14 knot breeze. 
Gloves Off, owned by Twomey and O'Mahony, led around the
course, revelling in the conditions,to take first in the race in IRC 
0. Connor Doyle's Freya managed second, with Tom Roche's Meridian hot
 on her heels in third place. After the second round of the series, this 
leaves Gloves Off leading IRC 0, from Freya, with Godkin and O'Donovan's 
Godot in third place in the league. The same three boats took the top 
spots in Class 0 ECHO, this week. Meridian in first place, followed by 
Gloves Off and Freya third. The overalls in Class 0 Echo see Godot
leading from Freya and Meridian in third position.

In Class 1 IRC David Scott's Eos had a superb race to defeat Anthony
O' Leary's highly competitive modified 1720 Antix Beag, with Dan 
Buckley's J-109 Justus coming in third. This result leaves
 Antix Beag with a slender lead in IRC overall, of just one 
point. Eos is chasing hard in second place,with Chancer owned by the
 Carroll brothers, hanging on to third place overall. In Class 1 ECHO, Eos
 won Sunday's race, followed by Justus, with Aidan Heffernan's 
Indulgence in third. 
The leader board in Class1 ECHO, after two rounds of racing, shows Indulgence on top, with Eos in second place, and Chancer in third.
In Class 0 and 1 Restricted Freya had a first, Eos second and Meridian in
third. The overall results are Freya, leading from Chancer and Godot
bringing up third place.

In Class 2 IRC, the league table is quite congested, with only five
points separating the top six boats, making for some very competitive
racing. This week, Vinny O'Shea's Yanks and Franks, came up trumps with
a first place, followed by a very consistant Seahawk, owned by Clem 
McElligot in second place, with Brian Goggin's Corby 25, Allure in third. These results mean that Seahawk still leads in the overall standings, followed by Allure, with the Desmond, Ivers, Deasy Sunfast 32, Bad Company in third place. Class 2 Echo sees a consolidation of the lead at the top of the league by Y-Knot. Wicked owned by Mark Mendell won this weeks race, with the Barrett and Conlon owned Y-Knot in second, followed by Sammy Cohen's Gunsmoke II in third. This means
the overall results of Y-Knot, Seahawk and Gunsmoke II, in that order, are
unchanged from last week.

The White Sail Class, presided over by OD Donal Hayes, got off to a much 
more leisurly start with a first gun at 13:.25. Staying in the 
harbour, they had a nice breeze while all the other classes were 
languishing with no wind out to sea. Charisma, belonging to Des Lyons 
and Aine Dunne took first place on the day, with Dave Cullinane's Delos
in second and Val Criss owned by Murphy, Hennessy, Dann in third. This leaves Val Criss in pole position overall, from Billy Joyce's Windrose, and Dave O'Sullivan's Cimarron VI in third.

Once again a debt of gratitude is owed to the OD's and their
Helpers. Without their patience and tenacity, racing could not take
place, and also to the genorous Day Sponsor ONE SAILS.