28 June, 2011

On Monday 28th June, barely a day after the conclusion of the 2011 Sovereign’s Cup the club committee met to get on with the next stage of the Club Restoration Project.

The committee met at six pm for what would end up being a five hour marathon session in the upstairs committee room. Simon Walker’s first set of proposal plans were discussed in great detail and by eight pm a whole list of the modifications to the initial floor plans for the ground and first floors as well as the exterior elevation had been agreed upon by all. Simon then joined the meeting to listen, suggest and outline how he would draw up the new set of plans with these modifications in mind ready for the next stage of the process.

The club has now contracted Simon Walker as architect for the whole project.

This re-drawing of the plans will take approximately 2 weeks. The key elements include a rationalisation of the rabbit warren of corridors and staircases between the main building and the bar to gain extra space, creation of a dining side and a bar side to the whole building, opening up of as much as possible to improve light and space properties, increase in the size of the outside deck, and that was just the first floor. The ground floor will see all new and efficient changing rooms/toilets for members and visitors together, as well as an enhanced circultaion path for disabled members and guests with fit for purpose disabled toilets and showers close to the newly positioned lift access to the first floor. Enhanced office space, cadet room and polyvalent regatta rooms will round out the ground floor along with a gymnasium.

These almost final set of drawings will be on display in the club for members to see in mid-July, along with a new suggestions box for comments on the plans. The various planning applications, and next stages of the project, including preparation of tenders, etc will be explained in the next update later next month.

The main committee has set up a smaller Building Committee to manage the project. This Committee, led by Commodore Alice Kingston and Vice Commodore Cameron Good also consists of Donal Hickey, Marcus Hutchinson, Michael Carroll and Finbarr O’Regan.

By the time you read this the details of the club bond programme will have been sent out to you in the post. The details are self-explanatory and the only element that has changed since the information evening and the EGM in May is that the individual bonds will be offered in units of 500Euros instead of 1000Euros.