Sailing Calendar 2015

28 January, 2015

2015 Sailing Calendar.

After much work with sailing committee members the 2015 calendar is now available. I wish to thank Tony Ireson for compiling it and amending the many changes over the past 10 weeks.
A printed copy of the calendar will be posted to all members with their membership receipt acknowledgements over the coming weeks. Copies will also be available in the bar from Friday afternoon.
If you wish to print a copy yourself the PDF print version is formatted to print on 4  A4 pages.
It is worth noting that we have input into the calendar from our newest class, the motor boat class this year. Their first scheduled event is a fishing competition on the 16th of May, we have scheduled the daunt race for the same day with the plan of barbequing the catch in the club house on our return.
The calendar is accurate as we publish it but as always it will change as the sailing season develops. We will notify changes to member by email and publishing on the website.

John Stallard
Hon Sailing Secretrary

Sailing Calendar now available for download HERE