Race 7 of the O’Leary Life Irish Dragon National Championship decided the top four places. Conditions were good with a consistent 10 knots of breeze from the southeast and despite a swell the racing was very close.

After a general recall the fleet started on the U flag and got away cleanly. However, there were divided opinions as to the best side of the course and the fleet split. At the end of the first run the top four, Serafina, Phantom, Ghost and Little Fella arrived at the gate only seconds apart and again chose different sides. After rounding the windward mark the second time and while Phantom, Serafina and Little Fella were covering each other on the left side of the run, Ghost came down the right side, took advantage of a slight wind shift and established a substantial lead.

On the final beat Ghost chose to sail up the middle of the course, followed by Phantom and Serafina while Little Fella went up the right side. Ghost could not be caught and took line honours. Little Fella took advantage of a good lift to recover from 5th to 2nd. Phantom’s 3rd was enough to secure Peter Bowring, Neil Hegarty and David Williams the title, Serafina came 4th.

With Phantom the National Champion, 2nd to 4th ended on 16 points each and it went to countback. Two wins were enough to secure Ghost – Colm Dunne, Colm Daly & Dan McCloskey 2nd overall with Serafina – Daniel & Sean Murphy, Brian Goggin & John O’Connor in 3rd. Little Fella – Cameron Good, Simon Furney & Henry Kingston had to settle for 4th.

Full results here.

Photo courtesy of Matthias Hellstern