Class 1720s – Axiom Series News

Sunday 21st of April, the fickle breeze playing tricks on seasoned sailors and two rival crews locked in thrilling competition on the open water. This was the scene of a pivotal encounter between the Matthews team and 1601, where skill, strategy, and a bit of luck collided to create a spectacle worth remembering.

The Matthews team overhauled 1601 on a long starboard tack from the start to mid-harbour mouth.  1601 tacked south early to try and close the gap in a different line of breeze, but instead Matthews Helly Hansen extended their lead significantly in the zephyrs as they made their way up to the windward mark.

The boats were coaxed around the top mark to starboard and though both gybed onto starboard as they headed downhill, Matthews sailed a more direct course to the mark whereas 1601 sailed a much higher angle that took her northwards to the right hand side of the leg.  Here they found a few whispers of wind and had almost managed to close the gap to Matthews when the OOD – having seen all fleets struggle with the faint and intermittent breeze – signalled a shortened course.

Matthews Helly Hansen cleanly negotiated the bottom rounding and short glide to the finish line to claim the bullet in the glorious sunshine.

Join us in celebrating Matthews Helly Hansen’s achievement and stay tuned for more exhilarating races to come!

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News report by Peadar Murphy