List of Trophies

List of Trophies


Dragon Gold Cup

The Dragon Gold Cup is an annual sailing race for the Dragon class since 1937. It is an open event organised by the International Dragon Association and the Clyde Yacht Clubs’ Association and was originally the unofficial world championship. This year, Kinsale Yacht Club is hosting it for the third time.

The International Dragon Cup was presented in 1937 by members of the Clyde Yacht’s Conference and is now renamed the Dragon Gold Cup. It was intended to bring together as many competitors of different nationalities as possible for yacht racing in Europe in a friendly spirit.

Dragon Gold Cup Secondary Trophies


Nations Cup

The Nations Cup is a prize given by Thomas Muller to the International Dragon Class. The prize shall be sailed in the races of the International Dragon Gold Cup and under the same scoring system.

Each nation with at least 3 Dragons entered for the Gold Cup shall participate as a team. Each team shall consist of 3 Dragons with identical national letters on their sail. The first three boats from each nation in the first completed race of the Gold Cup shall form that nation’s team.

Once a team has been determined, no changes are allowed under any circumstances.

The helmsman of the winning team’s highest-placed boat in the last completed race will win the Cup and keep it until the next Gold Cup.

The Nations Cup will only be awarded if enough races have been sailed to complete the Gold Cup.

Borge Borresen Memorial Trophy

The Borge Borresen Memorial Trophy was presented in 2008 by the Borresen family in memory of Borge Borresen, who competed in 51 consecutive Gold Cups and won the event 4 times.

The trophy is presented annually to the helmsman of the Dragon that wins the first completed race of the Gold Cup.

Dragon Gold Cup Corinthian Trophy

Corinthian Trophies are now included at IDA Championships and other Dragon events for boats crewed by World Sailing Category 1 sailors. Corinthian events are governed by World Sailing Regulation 22 – Appendix 4, and if held must be referred to in the NOR of the event, (see Standard NOR template Appendix 6 IDA Championship Regulations Manual.

Deed of Gift – March 2010

This trophy has been presented by KSSS, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, in honour of GKSS, the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club, at its 150th anniversary 2010, for annual competition at the International Dragon Class Gold Cup.

The Trophy will remain the property of the KSSS.
The Corinthian Trophy will be competed for annually within the Dragon Gold Cup. The winner of the Trophy each year is entitled to hold it until the next Gold Cup. In the event that the Gold Cup is not awarded in any year, the holder shall return the Trophy to the KSSS. [Note this also covers the eventuality where the Gold Cup is not presented because an inadequate number of races have been sailed].

In order to qualify as a competitor for the Trophy, the boat shall be crewed totally by amateur (Corinthian) sailors as defined by World Sailing. At this date each sailor must be World Sailing Sailor Code Classification 1.

The winner will be the helmsman of the winning boat in the Corinthian series of the Gold Cup. The rules and scoring will in every respect be identical to the Gold Cup except that the scoring will exclude all non-qualifying boats from the results. For clarity, in each race the first Corinthian boat will score a win, the second Corinthian boat will score a second and so on.

Silver Cup

Deed of Gift – 2014

The Silver Cup was presented to the International Dragon Class in 2014 for annual competition at the Dragon Gold Cup by Jacob J. Roosjen. It is a solid silver cup dating from 1917 and was hand-painted by Dutch/Argentinean artist Diana Roig in Rotterdam.

The winner will be the helm of the Dragon that finishes exactly halfway in the final overall results. To determine this, the number of entries is those accepted at Registration. In the event that this is an even number, then the winner will be the Dragon just below halfway.

The Silver Cup will be awarded as long as at least one race has been completed. The winner will hold the Silver Cup until the next Gold Cup.

The Silver Cup shall remain the property of Jacob J. Roosjen and if for any reason it is not presented, it shall be returned to him for safekeeping.