Basic Sailing Lessons

You are never too old to learn how to sail and you are never too experienced not to learn something new at sailing. Whether you have never stepped foot on a boat before in your life or whether you have played around with a beach cat in a far away sunny holiday resort and want to now learn more about one of the most enjoyable sports there is you will find that there are sailing lessons available with a proper syllabus and structure, endorsed by Ireland's national authority - the Irish Sailing Association (ISA).

Sailing lessons can be done over a few weeks, a few days or a few hours a week over a year. Most sailing schools offer set courses of varying lengths and attempt to group people of the same age and previous experience together so as to keep everyone learning at the most efficient rate.

If you are an active and relatively fit person there is no question that learning the basics in a small boat or dinghy will enhance your understanding of the basics of sailing. Loads on everything are totally manageable, the boat can be easily 'felt' as you make adjustments and manoeuvre. This should always be the first choice of route. If you have less time on your hands or are not interested in getting too wet from time to time learning the basics on board a larger vessel are possible too, although because of the increased loads in controlling the sails and steering many mechanical devices are used to handle a sailing boat, this sometimes slows down the learning of the basic skills of boat handling.