Competent Crew

Skippering a yacht and the responsibility for those on board can be an arduous load that many people are not interested in, but crewing on board a boat, making up the team and benefitting from the great experiences that can be had whilst sailing should not be overlooked. Becoming a crew member on someone else's boat is often the way people learn about sailing. Learning some basics even if your ambitions for the moment go no further than wanting to be part of the crew are still a good idea and courses to turn individuals into competent crews are a valid option to consider.

Sovereign Sailing runs a thorough five-day COMPETENT CREW course that takes students to sea for up to four days. This course is run with a ratio of 5 students to 1 instructor ensuring individual tuition and comfortable living conditions. The training grounds are the spectacular waters of the West Cork coast from Cork to Bantry Bay. Students may spend 4 nights on board and the price is inclusive of all meals on board and all equipment needed. This is an excellent way to see the coast, learn some new skills and meet other likeminded people.