The Dragon Class is one of the most successful One Design classes in the world and has been raced internationally since before the Second World War. The Dragon was an Olympic Class up to and including the 1972 Games and Irish sailors have competed with distinction at all levels in this class since the early 1960s.

Dragon class rules has allowed the class to evolve into one of the most dynamic and sophisticated boats to race today. An extremely pleasant boat to sail upwind in all conditions it is also an extremely rewarding boat for the more technically minded sailors. There are probably more things to adjust on the Dragon than any other boat ever built. The rig can be moved bodily for and aft and sideways when the boat is underway, the shape of the sails can be adjusted to the nth degree in every direction.

Dragons today are built of fibreglass making them relatively low maintenance boats. In Kinsale, the Dragon Fleet is moored in their own set of ‘pens’ on the Western end of the marina. Although it is almost 30 foot long (8.9 mtres) and weighs in at 1700kgs it tows easily behind a large car or 4x4. A good secondhand Dragon can cost les than 10,000 Euros with the very latest all extras boat can be almost six times that.

The Dragon is normally sailed by three people and the class has fleets in Dublin Bay, Glandore and Kinsale - as a result there is an active National Circuit including the South Coast Championships sailed alternatively in Kinsale and Glandore each year. Kinsale has twice hosted the International Class' Flagship regatta the Dragon Gold Cup in the 1970s and again as recently as September 2012. The Dragon European Championships were also held in Kinsale in 2003.

Kinsale Yacht Club runs club racing for the Dragons on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons from May to September. The Combined CLUB RACING CALENDAR as seen on the home page has all the details. So if you would like to try your hand at sailing a Dragon this season get in contact with our class captain and we'll get you out on the water.

The Dragon Class Captain in Kinsale is

Shawn Kingston

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