Since the beginning of time finding one's way around has been a useful skill to posses. People with an in-built sense of direction went on to discover new continents and find their way home again with the spoils of conquering new lands. But as the black art of navigation become better understood with the development of new techniques and equipment the ability to get safely from A to B has become possible at sea for most people who were prepared to take the time to understand the principles and maintain the rigour aboard in watch keeping.

Today with the electronic equipment on the market along with the correct paper documents aboard safe navigation is another skill potentially within the grasps of most sailors. Learning the basics and putting them into practice can be one of the most rewarding things about sailing. 

The Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre offers Night Courses called INTRODUCTION TO NAVIGATION which are run over seven weeks. This course is designed for those with no previous knowledge of navigation and who wish to get to grips with basic chart work, use of GPS, weather, tides and safety at sea. All course notes and work sheets are included. This course is equally valid for the leisure sailor or powerboater.

Sovereign Sailing runs a navigation course called SHOREBASED NAVIGATIONThis course equips the student with enough knowledge to navigate around familiar waters by day as well as giving a basic knowledge of lights and navigating at night. This course is designed to suit those with limited time who would like to complete the course in a matter of weeks. It is run over two weekends including Friday evenings and one midweek evening.