KYC Quiz

Date 10th April, 2020
Location KYC

KYC weekly quiz:

Please click on below link to start the KYC Quiz, with the winner  annonced the end of each week.  Thank you to Victor Fusco

WEEK 1 - CLICK ON LINK: KYC QUIZ - Result of week 1 Quiz: RESULTS Week 1

WEEK 2 - CLICK ON LINK KYC QUIZ2 -Results of week 2 Quiz: RESULTS Week 2

WEEK 3 - CLICK ON LINK KYC QUIZ3  -Results of week 3 Quiz RESULTS Week 3

WEEK 4 - CLINK ON LINK KYC QUIZ4  -Results of week 4 Quiz RESULTS Week 4

Entries with 100% score will be entered into a draw for quiz prizes