Sail Measurers Course

07 September, 2016

Sail Measurers Course

A sail measurers course is planned for 7th of September in Kinsale Yacht Club, 0900 – 1630hrs.

Details on the course content

World Sailing Sail Measurement Course. It will be predominantly based on the Equipment Rules of Sailing and in particular Section G regarding sails.

Successful candidates would become “official measurers” and permitted to certify sails for a number of classes within the country of the MNA that approved them.

Any pre-requisites?

No pre-requisites but if coming in with no prior knowledge then a pass is highly unlikely.

Who it is applicable to?

Anyone wishing to become an official measurer for sails.

There are a number of classes that use the World Sailing Standard Class Rules format and the ERS and therefore use the term “official measurer” when it comes to sail certification.

IRC Measurers and any classes who need some training would be the best start. Also sailmakers wishing to be able to self-certify their sails.

Total cost to participants - €45

Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in attending. Apply to