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Junior Sailing Courses

This year the Kinsale Yacht Club Junior Sailing Course will run for six weeks commencing on Monday 27th June 2022 and finishing on Friday 5th August. Any changes to our sailing course due to updated COVID-19 regulations from governing bodies will be communicated swiftly to registered sailors. The core weeks for each level are outlined in table attached – CLICK HERE . Application form is available here. Outside the core dates for each level it is planned to run coaching days for individual classes during this six-week period.

Level 1 & 2
We plan to supply boats for all level 1 participants who do not own one this year. We recommend that parents consider providing boats for all level 2 cadets however we will have a limited number of boats for charter.
Level 3 & 4
Participants should have access to a boat for their own use on the sailing course as we prioritise club boats for use on the two introductory levels. Level 4 sailors must have access to their own boat.
Level 4 Adventure
The Adventure module is offered again this year. It is available only to the older more experienced sailor (must be 14 or over and have completed other level 4 modules).
We will commence filling instructor and assistant instructor positions shortly. Those who wish to work on the course and have not yet submitted a job application should do so immediately as will be interviewing and offering positions over the coming weeks.
We converted the Assistant Instructor role into an internship in 2019 and it proved to be a great success. It is open to those who are 16 years old on 1st July 2021 and have a sufficient standard of sailing to qualify for the Irish Sailing Instructor Training programme. We will provide training for
those assisting on the course that will help them to become instructors. If you are interested in this role and have not already applied, please email me to put your name forward at the following email .
Availability of Course Places
Booking of course places will be on a first come first served basis. Note only completed forms with fees will be accepted as a booking. Every effort will be made to facilitate applications submitted by 1st May 2022. After that date applicants will be accepted subject to availability of places on the requested course stage.
Course Costs
See application form for cost of each individual course. All course participants must be members of KYC cadet membership for non-family members is €85.
Additional weeks sailing where there is availability will cost €120 per week, for non-boat owners there will be an additional charge for hire of a boat.
Joining Kinsale Yacht Club Junior Sailing Course.
Cadets wishing to join the sailing course should fill out a “Junior Sailing Course Cadet Application form and submit to the club with the appropriate remittance. These application forms are available from the club or printed from the website. Participants from the 2021 course should receive an emailed form within the coming days offering placement. On May 1st we will make any available spots in Level 2-5 to new sailors.
Topper leasing
We are planning to lease the club’s toppers to members for a spring term and running to early summer training camps. The cost will be €250 for the period. If you are interested, please contact and the lease application form and the leasing rules document will be
Optimist Leasing
The committee has decided not to continue to lease the club optimists as we have found it too difficult to manage. We will continue to use them for the junior sailing course and any taster sessions that we organise.

Sinead Crowley
Junior Sailing Course Organiser, Kinsale Yacht Club

Junior Organiser: Conor Dillon

Summer Courses: Sinead Crowley

Optimists: Ray Hanley

Toppers: Chris baker

Lasers: James Mathews