About Simply Blue Group:

Simply Blue Group is an early-stage developer of blue economy projects in floating offshore wind, e-Fuels, wave energy and low-impact aquaculture. Headquartered in Cork City, the company has offices in Dublin, Edinburgh, Pembroke, Newquay, Oregon, Bilbao, and Hamburg. Simply Blue Group currently employs over 90 staff, up five-fold over the past 18 months.


Simply Blue Group have a global pipeline of 10GW of floating offshore wind with projects in the UK, Ireland, US and Sweden.


In Ireland and the UK, they have 3GW of floating offshore wind projects, partnered with Shell Renewables & Energy Solutions (Ireland), Total Energies (Wales), Orsted and Subsea 7 (Scotland). While floating offshore wind is the dominant market segment in Simply Blue Group’s portfolio, it offers a fantastic opportunity to harness renewable energy at scale that could be used to power large scale e-Fuel production plants.


Simply Blue Group are also developing wave energy off County Clare and a low-impact aquaculture project in Scotland, using state-of-the art waste capture technology.


About The Emerald Project:

Situated in the Celtic Sea off the south coast of Ireland, the Emerald Project will utilise cutting edge Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) technology to construct a wind farm which, upon completion, will have a total capacity of up to 1.3 GW.  The project envisions the transformation of the maritime landscape in the area of the Kinsale gas platform into a zone for the production of clean, renewable offshore wind energy, in support of Ireland’s need to decarbonise the economy and ensure security of energy supply. The use of floating technologies allows these turbines to be located 35-60km offshore, in waters much deeper than would be possible for alternative bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines. This has dual benefits in greatly reducing visual impacts while also placing the farm in an area of higher wind energy potential.

Website Links. Simply Blue Group:  https://simplybluegroup.com/